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David Lloyd dlloyd at
Wed Dec 18 16:31:22 CST 2002


> After the installfest I was wondering where the best
> place around would be to get install CDs and what it
> would cost...
> I'd be looking for Debian 3.x, also latest FreeBSD
> and OpenBSD.

The Community Software (Distribution) Network is the place to go.

We have all 7 of the Debian CD's, all 4 of the FreeBSD 4.7 and 5.0 CDs
[which I presume is what you meant]. As far as OpenBSD, I'm not sure of.

What area are you in?

We don't charge more than $2 per CD plus a small gold donation if you
want. At least $1 per CD goes back into Community Software projects
[such as Debian, FreeBSD and so forth].

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