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Brian Astill bastill at adam.com.au
Wed Dec 18 15:15:05 CST 2002

Freeman, Peter (ERHS) wrote:

>I don't really know what system would be better here, but there's something
>about having either of the 2 major parties getting the points at the end of 
>an election that doesn't sit right with me.  It also doesn't encourage any
>minor parties to have decent policies, ie: it doesn't matter that their
>would never hold water in the real world because they'll never be in power.
>Anyway, just my lunch break musings..... :)
Perhaps you should have more lunch breaks :-)
One system favoured by Saphologists (?) is multi-seat electorates. 
 Imagine every  5 current adjacent electorates combined, with electors 
casting thir vote to elect 5 people in each such large electorate.  The 
outcome would be likely to be a far greater number of minor parties and 
independents in Parliament, far more representative of the electors 
views than is possible at present.

The reason we don't have this or any other more representative system is 
that it doesn't suit the major parties, and they unfortunately have all 
the power.


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