Guns [was Re: OT Re: Aussie bom weather sat images]

Jake Hawkes jakehawkes2001 at
Wed Dec 18 11:06:11 CST 2002

> > 
> > in the film he looks at why gun ownership is just as high in canada as the
> > USA but the gun homicide rate is like 0.1% of the USA's.
> > 
> > hence his question about whether they are gun nuts or just plain nuts...
> What sort of guns, though?
> Wildly speculating off the top of my head, I'd say that a Canadian is
> more likely to buy a hunting rifle or a shotgun, an American a pistol
> or a revolver. How much this is subconsciously influenced by movie
> stereotypes I'm not sure, but hand guns are intended purely for
> killing people (as opposed to other animals), so "plain nuts" may be
> nearer the mark... (apologies to all sane Americans reading this)

canada has more guns per captia than america, but less than 1% of the gun deaths.

this, from the movie, which I plan to see again next monday :)

Jacob Hawkes, B. Eng (CSE)
jakehawkes2001 at

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