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Mon Dec 16 23:01:51 CST 2002

James Dean wrote:

> Reasons are:
> 1) Bandwidth - 3 NICs on a switch,

You want to push 300 MB/s continuously?  You'll need port aggregation to
do that, and serious processor grunt (to drive both the networking *and*
whatever applications are behind it).

> 2) Traffic accounting

You can do accounting on a port basis.

> 3) Because I can.

But I thought you posted a message saying that you couldn't.

> Next step, which I haven't researched yet, would be to merge the NICs
> into the one interface (load balancing), then alias them out, and only
> listen on certain ports for certain destination addresses. This sounds
> like it would be more complex, but now I'm beginning to wonder.

*All* of it sounds too convoluted.  I come across commercial environments
laid out like this - they don't scale well, and they're prone to failure
if not thought out well (and generally they aren't).  It smells of

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