Boot probs RH6.2

Brian Astill bastill at
Mon Dec 16 17:56:32 CST 2002

Steve Fraser wrote:

>Hi All,
>Brian wrote:
>>I have two drives - Drive0 (hda) is windos, Drive 1 (hdb) is linux.
>>I cannot boot Redhat 6.2 from drive1 (hdb)
>>system hangs with a message indicating that it can't find hdb3.
>I'd check your boot loader, especially if you've physically re-arranged the
>drives (swappped master etc) and/or installed windows AFTER linux. Without
>knowing which part of the "system" hangs, I'd suspect an MBR/superblock
>related problem, which can be an effect of the above actions. (I dont use
>redhat, but I assume it uses lilo, if so check /etc/lilo.conf and re-run the
>lilo command)
Been there, tried that!   :-)
Trouble is, lilo looks for lilo.conf before it will install.  Of course 
it can't find it where it should be in /etc, because in rescue mode it 
is necessary to mount the partitions in separate directories, so 
lilo.conf is in /mytemp5/etc.  I might have copied lilo.conf to the 
"dummy" /etc and installed lilo that way (maybe) but as it happens my 
fstab was so screwed that it wouldn't have helped much.

I don't know whether the later version of the LBC meets this issue. 
 Will have a look.
FYI  (Beware - it is a 45M download!    OTOH they provide an online 
manual that should show whether the download is worthwhile.  Haven't 
studied this yet.)


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