Port 888 ?

George Patterson george at visp.com.au
Mon Dec 16 16:24:34 CST 2002

On Mon, 16 Dec 2002 14:38:26 +1030
Andrew Galdes <AGaldes at elders.com.au> wrote:

> Can anyone tell me what might run on port 888.
> Last night while playing around with my firewall (iptables), i noticed that
> port 888 was open while i was nmapping my own computer. Moments later I
> checked again and it was no longer there. 
> /etc/services doesn't suggest anything for that port. I have searched goggle
> for it and found some proxy which works on it but not allot more.

Funny, I did a grep through a FreeBSD version of /etc/services and got back the following two lines.

accessbuilder   888/tcp
accessbuilder   888/udp

Did a google search for '"port 888" accessbuilder'
Resulted in about four or five matches.

The Relevant line from http://pincel.net/darkbot/archive/databases/ports.db
port+888 accessbuilder - AccessBuilder (or cddbp - CD Database Protocol)

> I configured iptables to log everything happening on port 888 (in and out)
> and it didn't see anything (probably because nothing was moving to or from
> it although it might have been open).
> Any ideas? 
> AG.
Have you tried telneting to the port ie telnet machine.ip.address 888?? If you are lucky, it will identify what it is.

George Patterson

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