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Mon Dec 16 10:11:26 CST 2002

On Sun, 2002-12-15 at 11:33, Darrin Ritter wrote:
> hi
> Im interested in hearing from anyone who has implemented linux in sa
> schools, my childrens school is an independent (parent controlled)
> school that is looking to save some cash in MS licensing scheems, and I
> am wondering what has been done and how sucessful it has been,

I've worked closely with a number of schools who have implemented Open
Source software ay varying levels. A lot of this is not school-specific.
In my experience, changes have had to come quite gradually in most

Here's a couple of ideas:
  * implement Open Source software on the server side first - it's
easier to keep things transparent to the users.
  * many schools like the thin-client idea (which is made very easy by
most open source operating systems)
  * many like to start migrating the desktops by keeping Windows to
begin with, but replacing MS Office with
  * Educational software is primarily written for Windows. In cases
where Windows software is not optional (this includes the software
imposed on schools by people such as SSABSA), Windows 2000 terminal
services can help to cut costs [1].

Here's a few links to places of interest:


There's also the K-12 open source sites around the place.

Should you need a hand at either the planning or the implementation
stages, I am certain that there are a number of people on this list that
would be willing to help.


[1] Many are looking at buying a fixed number of terminal services
client access licenses (say, one or two classrooms-worth) and having
teachers book lessons with certain applications. Licensing can become
hard to keep track of though.

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