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Brian Marr cabernet at
Mon Dec 16 09:26:47 CST 2002

Suse 8.0 Cups 1.1.5 Samba with Printer connected to Networked box.

Many will be familiar with the cups web interface (http://localhost:631) for 
setting up and monitoring printers. Amongst other things the configuration 
process offers Samba as one of the print queues. To use this we are asked to 
select the "smb://workgroup/server/sharename" address when configuring a 
I could never get this to work despite a lot of reading on Google and hacking 
the Samba script. 
Others may be interest to know that this format made all the difference. 
"smb://user:pass@workgroup/server/sharename" ..........where sharename is the 
print queue you want to use.
Cups 1.1.5 does not offer this as a choice. You just type it in and when saved 
it will appear in /etc/cups/printers.conf. It does not appear in the printer 
page of http://localhost:631. And if you go back to your printer 
configuration you get the default Samba queue again. It appears to have 
But as long as it appears in /etc/cups/printers.conf you should be ok.
Naturally you need to have some parameters set in smb.conf as well. Most 
distros have cups settings in this file and it is a matter of using those and 
commenting out the lpr references.

Brian Marr

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