Lycoris Linux on Ausralian PCuser mag

Ian Loxton ilox at
Mon Dec 16 00:13:37 CST 2002

Pigeon wrote:
> Try some petrol :-)
Today was a good day to suggest such a thing. The beastie was being a 
real sod as I made drive D able to be booted straight into Lycoris then 
had to try to get a choice happening at boot up.

At present I have settled for fiddling around within GRUB plus booting 
off a floppy when I want my Linux box. A poor second to running a 
dedicated Linux box which is my next goal. Maybe with a video+keyboard 
switch to minimise room and setup costs.

BTW, see my other message about the latest build of Lycoris. I rate it 
at "Stunning!"

Cheers,  Ian

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