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Sun Dec 15 22:53:56 CST 2002

Follow up ti ISDN question by me ;-)

E-smith 5.5 with telstra NT1 Plus II is busted, sigh...
E-smith simply does not detect the modem at all.

A quick install of wvdial and wvdialconf told me that a string added to
the setting to run the modem makes it work. I copied the settings and
passed them to the options in e-smith, but alas e-smith does not
interpret them properly. When it configs itself it ADDS an extra AT
command to the start of the string eg ATAT arg. A hand edit of the
/etc/ppp/peers to fixes the problem but only till the next reconfigure.

I had to miss the first two AT command strings so that when e-smith
configured itself there would be only one set of AT strings at the start
of the options. Now it works fine...:-)

Steve D

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