OT Re: Aussie bom weather sat images

Matthew Western mwestern at affairs.net.au
Fri Dec 13 12:27:25 CST 2002

what you said. i heard a rumour that the first buy back was from the health
budget which would explain the state of health at the moment.  anybody heard
that too?

also if everyone hands in their guns, the crooks keep theres cos they're
crooks anyway, duh.  also if indonesia feel like invading, they'll just walk
all over us.  (anybody seen any funerals/weddings in australia where they
fire off their automatics into the air in celebration?)  anyway just my
mumblings...  of course the goverment's got that covered with our state of
the art defense program. hahahah.

>(I'm not suggesting gun control is a bad thing, in fact I agree with it
>wholeheartedly if it's done in the correct way, but in this country at
>least the issue was hijacked by a bunch of bureaucrats who had very little
>understanding of what they were on about)

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