Aussie bom weather sat images

Ben Williams benw at
Thu Dec 12 19:37:42 CST 2002

On 12/12/2002 6:17 PM, michael wrote:
> Hi.
> Just when I finished a script to grab the latest sat pictures and display
> them on my desktop, drops off the net!
> Interesting options there for wget, I'm using -rN -nd http://... which
> seems to work well for only grabbing the image if it's changed, and
> overwriting the old rather than appending .1 etc when it is downloaded and
> a file of the same name exists locally.

sounds pretty cool ;-)

> Is it me, or is dead atm?

it's not just you, it's definitely dead. i've got a script that grabs 
the adelaide forecast and mails it to me every day, and that's failing 

  - Ben
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