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> any tips or tricks I should know before I go about
> repartitioning the HDD.

NTFS write is still listed as being dangerous. Backup your data.

>I was planning on just using fips to
> partition the drive, but after defragging and optimising, as
> far as I can tell, there is a big chunk of "immoveable data"
> in the middle of the partition (well actually about 1/5 of
> the way up the partition).

fips only works on VFAT but not NTFS. You need a copy of Partition Magic
(preferably 8.0).

> This seems a bit strange to me,
> but may just be a quirk of XP. Also is there any problems
> with using Lilo or Grub, or will I need a boot disk?

No problems as far as I have seen.

> in and another swap partition. Two questions that come to
> mind - Is this a realistic amount to set aside for LFS and
> BLFS? and do I still need 512Mb swap partitions?

I don't see why you'd need 512Mb of swap if you're not running major
servers AND you have 512Mb of real RAM. You could get away with 128Mb
easily in my opinion.

> consider HUGE swaps. Any comments and suggestions would be
> mostly welcome.

You don't need that much swap. In fact you would probably get away with
no swap. I've deliberately turned swap off once on my system at home
(192Mb of memory, RH 7.1) and managed to run Gnome 1.0, Star Office 6,
Mozilla, Squid, Named, Sendmail, X and some other stuff without having a
major drama.

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