[OT] Wayyyy off [was:RE: Why no BSD?]

Adam Smith adam.smith at sageautomation.com
Thu Dec 12 12:20:46 CST 2002

> babelfish.altavista.com translated this as:
> It is not particularly probable that one understands German on this 
> cunning better. Beyond that I must ask myself, in what respect the 
> statement applies.
> i love babelfish.

Google's language tools translated it to the exact same thing.  But I'd
much rather use Google's language tools than anything as disgustingly
commercial as AltaVista any day, unless you want to search the web and
go shopping and read about gardening and download ring tones and
translate text and find music and watch the news and find a job and get
the latest racing results all at the same time, all on the same page;
one could say the entire website is very long winded and doesn't appear
to have a beginning or an end -- it just goes on and on and on and on
and on...

Although on a side note, I must say I'm impressed!  AltaVista have cut
down on their junk on the front page :-)  Have a look at Excite.com and
compare it, what a most disgusting array of text.  Yahoo's no better.
No wonder Google's doing so well, aside from its critiqued biased page
ranking which everyone seems so fond of :-)

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