Why no BSD?

Dan Shearer dan at tellurian.com.au
Thu Dec 12 09:53:13 CST 2002

I think because there hasn't happened to be BSD discussion during the time
you have been subscribed.

Google search for site:linuxsa.org.au +

	FreeBSD = 1390 hits
	Solaris = 659 hits
	OpenBSD = 138 hits
	NetBSD = 55 hits

A little looking will show you many BSD questions that have been asked and
answered, as well as announcements for LinuxSA talks on BSD-related
topics. So it seems that the subscribers to the LinuxSA list are very
happy with talking about *ix, so long as its more or less free (and not
always that.) The LinuxSA installfests explicitly include BSD.

For most general users there aren't very any big differences in
functionality offered between the two. The applications are the same and
there is increasing commonality in broad terms with what the kernels do,
and the kernels in some cases have significant chunks of common code.

I suggest that if you get a SuSE Linux user, not a Unix expert, just
someone who uses SuSE to get the job done and put them in front of both a
Slackware Linux and a FreeBSD machine you'll get about the same amount of
recognition and confusion. If Slackware and FreeBSD are running the same
GUI as SuSE then things will seem very familiar. (If SuSE was running
bash, Slackware csh and FreeBSD bash, I'd suggest the commandline
experience will be about equally confusing in each case :)

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