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Michael Gratton mike at
Wed Dec 11 16:49:47 CST 2002

Freeman, Peter (ERHS) wrote:
> Is anyone aware of benchmark figures for hardware indicating the throughput
> one could 
> expect from different types of hardware running as a dedicated router?  

No hard figures, but I've seen a PentiumPro 133 (or there-abouts) act as 
the router for a 2Mb connection, serving a LAN of 30-ish workstations, 
and 10-ish servers hosting a similar number of busy, publically 
accessable websites. The machine was running Apache mod_proxy which 
proxied all traffic for those websites. The machine was running both 2.0 
and 2.2 kernel versions and was set up with the appropriate kernel's 

Latter on (when running 2.2.x) it was also doing NAT for the 
workstations, and was upgraded to something like a 400Mhz processor.

Sorry for the vaugeness, but it's been some time. Hopefully you should 
get some idea of the order of magnitude, though.


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