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Wed Dec 11 16:41:44 CST 2002

Freeman, Peter (ERHS) wrote:

>Is anyone aware of benchmark figures for hardware indicating the throughput
>one could 
>expect from different types of hardware running as a dedicated router?  
The ALTQ tips document has some interesting figures in it on TCP 
throughput capable within a PC:

from the document:

Here are TCP throughputs measured for lo0 (local loop).  
    They show relative differences in performance.
	MMX Pentium 200MHz	196Mbps
	PentiumPro  200MHz	366Mbps
	Pentium-II  300MHz	420Mbps
	Pentium-II  400MHz	541Mbps
	Pentium-III 700MHz     1524Mbps

For a 256K link, any PC young enough to not have a flat CMOS battery 
should do. It's only going to get CPU intensive if you're using the box 
for something else (proxy?) or running some complex firewall rules. 
Intrusion detection software is about the most complex thing you would 
normally do on a router/firewall type system.

For a company that specialises in Linux routers, have a look at who are claiming up to OC12 (622Mbps) routing.

John Edwards

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