ps files very large

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Wed Dec 11 12:17:04 CST 2002


The trouble with that is ps2pdf uses ps and i dont know of a pcl converter.


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I had a similar problem a while back, i think a fix was to use the PCL 
driver on the win2k box.


Andrew Galdes wrote:
> Hello all,
> File size problems.
> Windows 2k is printing to my samba servers PS printer. My logs show that a
> 1.5mb word document is spooling as a 13mb ps file. My samba server
> this ps file to a pdf file and emails it back. The document has screen
> in it. They were simply pasted into the document.
> This following line is an extract from my log. It shows that the file came
> in at 33mb and then was converted to a pdf file at 7.8mb. The original
> document is 1.5mb.
> --log--
> myuid.smbprn.000827.XJCalV.pdf.e (From 33712 To 7880)
> --end log--
> My logs show that other documents (which were larger is size and had
> pictures too) come through as much smaller files and converted to even
> smaller files.
> Is this a wnidows problem or is my system doing something strange?
> AG.

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