Analysts: Microsoft feels tug of Linux (zdnet article)

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Wed Dec 11 12:12:57 CST 2002

Just came across this...

Full article at:,2000023564,20270590,00.h

"Analysts: Microsoft feels tug of Linux

By Joe Wilcox and Stephen Shankland, Special to ZDNet
11 December 2002

The growing popularity of Linux will force Microsoft to bring its software
to the Unix clone starting in late 2004, a research firm has predicted in a
study that Microsoft promptly disputed.

By 2006 or 2007, Linux will run on 45 percent of new servers, Meta Group
predicted in a study released to clients on Monday. That popularity, Meta
said, will lead Microsoft to offer Linux support for its server software,
including its .Net foundations for next-generation Internet services, its
Exchange e-mail and calendar software, its Internet Information Server for
hosting complex Web sites and its SQL server database software."


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