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On Wed, 11 Dec 2002 00:10:36 +1030 David de Groot <david at>

| On Tuesday, Dec 10, 2002, at 23:37 Australia/Adelaide, Ian Loxton wrote:
| > As the gurus that attended Installfest know Paul has a Compaq Armada
| > e500 laptop. It runs a P3 600 with 512M RAM and 12 G drive.
| > His wireless card is a PCMCIA Cabletron CSIBD-AB.
| >
| > He wants to run Linux on it and also operate his Wireless card.

If its Debian, try changing the "PCIC" option in /etc/default/pcmcia to
"yenta_socket", and restarting pcmcia-cs via the init job.  I believe
Knoppix already has this there.

Some cardbus controllers also sit at really, really wierd memory addresses -
I remember having fun with my mac, until a post on google groups saved me. 
The debian package, both in stable & unstable for pcmcia-cs seems to be
quite outdated - I've found by recompiling the kernel without pcmcia support
in, and grabbing the latest pcmcia-cs source, things usually can be made to
work as well.

The same might apply to other distro's, but I've only ever played with
Debian & FreeBSD when it comes to PCMCIA.


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