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David de Groot david at
Wed Dec 11 01:14:23 CST 2002

On Tuesday, Dec 10, 2002, at 23:37 Australia/Adelaide, Ian Loxton wrote:

> As the gurus that attended Installfest know Paul has a Compaq Armada
> e500 laptop. It runs a P3 600 with 512M RAM and 12 G drive.
> His wireless card is a PCMCIA Cabletron CSIBD-AB.
> He wants to run Linux on it and also operate his Wireless card.
> Nothing he has tried has done it properly. Red Hat 8, Mandrake 9,
> FreeBSD, SuSE etc. Several installfest gurus worked with him on the day
> but no success.

Actually, he booted Knoppix off CD on the day and it worked just fine.
Therefore, maybe an installed knoppix or debain might work ?

I still think SuSE would have worked if we installed newer CardServices.

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