FW: Potential junk email moved to Junk Folder (was Warning)

Martin Lewis Martin.Lewis at unisa.edu.au
Tue Dec 10 16:10:08 CST 2002

Here is a well handled description!

From: postmaster at rsbs.anu.edu.au [mailto:postmaster at rsbs.anu.edu.au] 
Sent: Monday, 9 December 2002 11:10 PM
To: Martin.Lewis at unisa.edu.au
Subject: Potential junk email moved to Junk Folder

MailMarshal (an automated content monitoring gateway) has not 
delivered the following message:

   Message: B0000e8b14.00000001.mml
   From:    Martin.Lewis at unisa.edu.au
   To:      kortschak at rsbs.anu.edu.au
   Subject: RE: Warning? Is a HOAX.

This is due to automatic rules that have determined that the 
message is probably junk email.  If you believe the message was 
business related please contact postmaster at rsbs.anu.edu.au and request
that the message be released.  If no contact is made within 5 
days the message will automatically be deleted.

MailMarshal Rule: Inbound Messages : Block Virus Hoax Messages
Script Generic Virus Hoaxes Triggered
Expression: erase* your whole c drive Triggered 1 times weighting 5
Expression: forward this FOLLOWEDBY=4 (many OR all OR friends OR anyone OR
others OR people OR every*) AND virus Triggered 1 times weighting 5

For more information on email virus scanning, security and content 
management, visit http://www.marshalsoftware.com

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