Debian DPKG and APT Musings

Christopher Yeoh cyeoh at
Tue Dec 10 12:27:49 CST 2002

At 2002/12/10 11:09+1030  David Lloyd writes:
> It strikes me that managing Debian packages _without_ apt seems to be
> just as difficult as managing RPMs. The only real difference I see is
> that there is really only one official Debian distribution and hence one
> only has to search for one package as opposed to having to work out
> whether a mandrake rpm will work on redhat and so forth.

Well hopefully where possible people will start building LSB compliant
packages and avoid the more common compatibility problems.

Its probably more appropriate to compare rpm against dpkg rather than
apt and it should be possible to do the same things with apt-rpm
(though I've never tried apt-rpm myself).

Because the Debian developers have to go through a bit of a technical
test I think the minimum quality of packaging you get with Debian is
better than what you get with downloading rpms from random sites (I
also tend to trust them more). They're also forced to sort out
compatability problems between packages which you can run into when
getting rpms from different sites.

Having a very easy way of submitting bug reports/patches is also a big
plus and because of the autobuilders the availability of deb packages
for non-x86 architectures is *much* better than rpm.

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