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Yes, I totally agree it is the fault of the end user.

I always recommend anyone to go to the next higher plan ( now $70 for 4.5
gig on 256k plan ), but a lot of people I know cannot justify spending this
much on Net access. I would assume ( hope ) that most readers on this list
would have a good idea of amount of traffic generated by using the Net, but
the majority of users just have NO idea.

I also appreciate that Internode and all other ISPs are hamstrung by Telstra
Wholesale charges for ADSL access. my opinion is not a dig at Internode..It
is more frustration that because of T$ wholesale rates that a reasonable low
cost access plan for the average Joe blow without excess charges is not
really a reality without considerable knowledge of what downloading actually

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> As it is I find it too
> "dangerous" to suggest to anybody ( even low "once a
> internet" week users ) that they sign up with the cheapest
> plan, as newbies are foolish and can easily do something
> stupid like connect to s streaming video site to watch the
> eclipse (or similar ) and end up racking up the downloads (
> Excess $$ ) too easily.

However this is the fault of the end user, not the supplier.

Internode do send out 'Warn-O-Matics' to let users know when they are
about to go over their assigned quota.

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