distro to recommend for newbie

Anthony tomcat at chariot.net.au
Mon Dec 9 11:32:11 CST 2002

Hey Dan,

I use Libranet at home. It is a Debian based disto. It has an easy to 
use installer and I have found it to be stable just like Debian. All 
updates etc using apt-get in the usual way. Check it out.



Dan Kortschak wrote:
> Hi All, my brother, who lives in Indonesia, has just asked me about which
> distros I could recommend as a move away from MS. At the moment, he says
> he runs XP on a PIII 450 (!). Can any one recommend a good distro for a
> newbie who would ideally not have to spend _too_ much time getting
> aquainted with it. Bahasa and Indonesian localisation are important too. I
> would personally recomend Debian to him, except he'd probably disown me
> when he saw the installer. I've told him to look at the debian and redhat
> websites just to get a look at the install manuals.
> thanks
> Dan

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