distro to recommend for newbie

squareyes squareye at chariot.net.au
Mon Dec 9 10:29:36 CST 2002

Hi Dan,
am a newbie, and am using Mandrake 9, and have had very few problems.
The install is pretty straight forward too.
Don't know about the localization issue though.
Take care

On Sunday 08 December 2002 04:39 pm, Dan Kortschak wrote:
> Hi All, my brother, who lives in Indonesia, has just asked me about which
> distros I could recommend as a move away from MS. At the moment, he says
> he runs XP on a PIII 450 (!). Can any one recommend a good distro for a
> newbie who would ideally not have to spend _too_ much time getting
> aquainted with it. Bahasa and Indonesian localisation are important too. I
> would personally recomend Debian to him, except he'd probably disown me
> when he saw the installer. I've told him to look at the debian and redhat
> websites just to get a look at the install manuals.
> thanks
> Dan

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