EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENOUGH! Re: OT: R all NERDS FROM *#$& this way? [was OT: R All Ausies This Way???]

James Leone linuxcpa at
Sat Dec 7 07:25:58 CST 2002


I am an American too, and have been on this board for about a year.
I know little or nothing about the technology that you had a question 
about, so keep that in mind as I make these comments. I don't know how 
this whole dialogue got out of hand like this, but it upsets me to see 
it happen.   Don't take it that I am blaming anybody, because at this 
point, it is pointless to do so. I just see the arguement itself as 
something I would like to see resolved in a friendly manner. My hope is 
that when you are finished reading this email, you will feel much 
differently about this group, make amends and hopefully a positive 
opinion of this community.

Not getting into the dialogue of what has been said, or who was right or 
wrong, I will mention this....just as a matter of statistics alone, if 
you pose a question to a large enough group, you are probably going to 
hear an answer you won't like.  This incident is an unusual occurance.

I also want to give you another perspective by telling you my story, to 
explain why I use this board quite often, and how I have grown very fond 
of this group.

My joining this group was the best mistake I ever made.  When I first 
joined, I had no idea what a Linux Users Group was.  From my 
perspective, I was used to calling customer support for answers, but I 
soon realized that Linux community works together as a group to come up 
with solutions that benefit the group as a whole. It is in this way that 
no one here really receives free support because help is exchanged in an 
almost barter type fashion, but without a strict adherence to an 
accounting or measure of the value of the help given; the members of the 
group are fundamentally very friendly with each other and aren't petty 
in that way AFAIK.

 From what I have seen, Linux User Groups mailing lists are very 
efficient and effective way for people to help each other find answers 
to important computing questions. The knowledge base is vast, and 
multiple people reap the benefit of the answer given.  With that in 
mind, if the question is not Linux related, and is asked by an 
unfamiliar name, one might conclude, correctly or incorrectly, that if 
they answer, the favor will not be returned, to the group.  One might 
conclude, correctly or incorrectly, that this type of dialogue is no 
longer an efficient contribution to a group effort, but rather a drain 
on the collaborative resource.

With that in mind, kind responses were given none the less, and there is 
something to be said for that.

When I joined Linuxsa, I had been using Linux for about 6 months, 
struggling the entire time.  I had searched the Internet for hours, 
trying to find out how I might log into my company's Netware 4 server 
from Linux. During my search,  Linuxsa was one of three boards that had 
the same question I had, but was apparently unanswered.  SILUG, the 
Southern Illinois Linux User Group and SVLUG, the Silicon Valley Linux 
User Group were the other two.

When I finally found the answer I was looking for, I felt morally 
obligated to provide it to as many people as possible, given that I had 
to work so very hard to find the answer. So, I joined all three groups 
and posted my solution.

As time went on,  I realized that the topics discussed on this board 
were most relevant to me and that I was most comfortable with the people 
on this board than any other. I believe very strongly, that it is more 
important to consider the group dynamic than Geographic location when 
becoming a part of a collborative support  network like Linuxsa. Weather 
Australian or American, we are all people first, with a common set of 
questions and unique ideas that can benefit us all.

Linuxsa has been nothing but a real blessing.  I have learned far beyond 
what I ever imagined,  learned an ethic that is helpful to others 
because others were helpful to me, and from that ethic, I have had a 
greater sense of fulfillment and purpose as a computer user.

I hope that your computing experience will be similar.


James A. Leone, CPA
Palo Alto, CA


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>The reason you all are flaming me is because you don't know how to do what I asked in my original inquiry.
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