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Fri Dec 6 14:16:46 CST 2002

Ian wrote:

>Just got a brochure in the mail from Telstra talking about a discounted installation for ISDN. $99 to install and $42.50 a month rental for 2 lines.
>Presently we run two lines and they add up to $46.80 for a month's rental.
Yes, ISDN Home is a better deal than 2 phone lines if ADSL is not 
available. The main catch is that ISDN is not covered by the CSG, as 
mentioned on this list previously.

>Taking up this offer would supposedly give us better lines and cheaper call rates for dialling AirNet. I have no intention of using ISDN for Internet unless there was something desperately urgent. I am not made of money <G>
If your ISP supports DOV, a NetJet ISDN card will let you make 64K ISDN 
calls for the same cost as normal phone calls. Cisco 800 series routers 
that can do this are also appearing in the second hand marketplace at 
reasonable prices due to ADSL upgrades.

>I have also been told that if I went to ISDN apparently I cant ever go to ADSL. 
That's not entirely true. It does mean that your phone number will 
always fail ADSL qualification as 'incompatable', but an ISP can ask 
Telstra to do a manual check, and then convert the line back to PSTN if 
it is successful. The downside is that Telstra charge the PSTN 
conversion as if it was a new line installation.

>What is the best way to go and still allow for the future, ISDN, ADSL or stick with the POTS?
If you're staying online all the time, it's probably a better deal to 
cancel one phone line and put ADSL on the other with a cheap plan. ISDN 
as an Internet access method is really best suited to those that can't 
get ADSL, or have line quality problems that cause reliability issues 
with modem connections.

John Edwards

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