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Thanks muchly. 

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On Fri, 2002-12-06 at 09:47, Andrew Galdes wrote:
> Hello all,
> Can anyone point me in the right direction for good doco on the topic?
> Where is it specified how Linux should authenticate a user?
> I.e., it could be windows domain, ldap, nis or local password file.

There are a few security-related books available that talk about
authentication generally, but here's some free stuff that's fairly Linux

 * - there's a couple of LDAP and other auth HOWTOS, as well as
the possibility of some related info some of the Guides
 * PAM docs - This how Linux primarily does authentication these days.
Also check out /etc/pam.d - it's where this stuff is configured on a
Linux box.
 * Documentation for various auth-related services (Samba/Winbindd,
radius, LDAP, NIS/NIS+, etc)
 * Google

Hope it helps,

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