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This made my day :)



Robert Beare

> In a landmark decision, the Australian Commercial Practices Court today
> ruled that Toyota is no longer allowed to run its advertising campaign
> based on the word "bugger".  Explained Court spokesman Loof Lipra, "Some
> time ago Microsoft took out an injunction against the use of the word
> 'bugger' in Toyota's ad.  It was argued that 'bugger' had been associated
> with Windows far longer and far more deeply than with Toyota's utes."
> Lipra went on to suggest that every Windows user in the world uses the


> at least once a day as a direct result of using Windows.  "No other


> has ever achieved that degree of market recognition and for Toyota to
> muscle in on it was clearly a breach of commercial etiquette and, ipso
> facto, copyright."
> Microsoft is now planning a media-wide campaign using their catch-word.  A
> copy that has been leaked to us shows several familiar faces Steven King


> shown saving the last page of his new
> 800 page blockbuster in Word and then re-opening it to find that it has
> been reduced to three smiley faces and half a dozen Japanese
> characters.  He smiles wanly to the camera and says "....."
> Kerry Packer is shown shaking his head knowingly and muttering "....."


> he discovers that the spreadsheet on which he based his latest $4 billion
> takeover has suffered from the notorious Excel 'four times seven equals
> thirty six' feature and that the Ayer's Rock Pie Company is somewhat
> overvalued.
> The head of the CIA (face pixilated) is shown shouting "....." on finding
> that Outlook has just emailed the entire contents if his hard drive to the
> head of the KGB.  She, in turn, says, "byugyah" when the file is found to
> be in last year's Access format.
> A spokesthing for Microsoft commented, "This is a logical move for the
> company that used "You make a grown man cry" as its advertising slogan for
> its software.  We anticipate establishing the slogan in the marketplace by
> including a T-shirt with "Bugger Microsoft" in every box of our software."
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