P.S. Unix / Windows Interoperability

Adam Smith adam.smith at sageautomation.com
Thu Dec 5 14:02:15 CST 2002

> why wouldn't you consider the following (unless you 
> absolutely have to have Win2k server for other apps):
> AUTH SERVER: 	*nix OS, hosting an LDAP directory
> WINDOWS:		on the workstations only
> UNIX:		PAM_LDAP to allow Unix systems to authenticate against

This isn't out of the question.  Keeping right away from the Linux vs.
Microsoft debate, it makes more sense to me to implement a Windows
ActiveDirectory and incorporate Unix into it.  We run Windows Desktops,
and will also require at least one Windows server to support some

To get the most out of the Windows environment for the users, using
Windows would allow me to do a lot more across the Windows side of
things when it comes down to implementing NT policies, or even
deployment of some software in the Microsoft part of our environment.

I can't see why an authentication system based on Unix is advantageous
at this point.  I'm open to feedback ;-)


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