P.S. Unix / Windows Interoperability

Adam Smith adam.smith at sageautomation.com
Thu Dec 5 11:42:32 CST 2002

> P.S. I forgot to mention that most people find it easier on 
> themselves and their network if the commercial systems they 
> are running are using their own native protocols and network 
> clients and stuff. This is another good reason to not use 
> things like NISGINA and SFU.

It seems that my current ideal setup looks like the following:

WINDOWS:	Windows 2000 ActiveDirectory domain containing users and
UNIX:		PAM_NTDOM to allow Unix systems to authenticate against
an NT Domain.
SAMBA:	SAMBA possibly using XFS, which supports ACLs

Suddenly, it seems so simple.  At least for testing.  It'll still take a
great deal of testing and running in yet :-)

I'll keep the list posted as to my progress, because I'm still a little
nervous about taking this venture ;)

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