[OT] Alternatives to Telstra for phone lines (rant)

Ian Loxton ilox at airnet.com.au
Wed Dec 4 18:52:52 CST 2002

Richard Russell wrote:
> I have a feeling that inserting another intermediary
> anyway... even if they are intelligent and well-connected. 
> between me and telstra would complicate things further

For those interested in the continuing saga between AirNet and Telstra 
might I add parts of the latest update newsletter from AirNet.

   "...a pre-formatted letter for people who have incurred higher
 than normal phone bills. This letter can be completed and
 sent to the TIO. A copy of this pre-formatted letter can be
 found at: http://www.airnet.com.au/telstralineissue/"

   "Telstra is refusing to install any further phone lines
 until AirNet's compensation claim for installation of lines
 which caused 'authentication time outs' is resolved. This
 means that phone lines from a provider other than Telstra
 are needed to upgrade capacity. These will not be available
 until around Christmas time."

   "AirNet wishes to make sure existing customers receive a high
 quality service. Until AirNet can obtain more phone lines, a
 hold on dial-up service marketing activities is in place and
 any new users will have to be placed on a waiting list."

End result, Telstra effectively screws another competitor. Would this be 
resolved by privatisation? NBL. There has to be a way to bring this 
behemoth into the real world so they start talking nicely to people and 
dealing fairly with them. At present they don't seem inclined to do 
either <sigh>

Cheers,  Ian

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