OT: Guided busways

Ian Loxton ilox at airnet.com.au
Wed Dec 4 18:52:51 CST 2002

Pigeon wrote:
> Do they really work, or is the guy thinking that Adelaide
> is far enough away for nobody to be able to refute his point?
> Do they rock? Do they suck?

Yes, they really work. Present calculations show about a 50% reduction 
in costs to running the same capacity on the roadways.

The busses run very smoothly, I often fall to sleep on them <G>

The only big problem they had was basically safety, they were running 
at too close an interval and had no way of indication that a bus up 
ahead had failed until -- screech -- BANG!

The tracks and noise are noticeable but not too bad compared to the 
infrastructure required for Rail and the ability to use the vehicles on 
and off track is a huge bonus for the operator and passengers. The main 
use of the route is to navigate a particularly busy road corridor then 
branch out into the further suburbs delivering passengers.

I am a rail man from many years back (21 yrs service) and committed to 
seeing rail better utilised, but you cant beat this busway for 
economies of scale and flexibility of service.

Cheers,  Ian

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