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> OK. Dare I even suggest (seeing as we are, for all intents and
> purposes, a Microsoft shop, at the moment) that SQL Server is even
> worth thinking about? I've never worked with it in a development
> sense, but I can imagine that it will be raised as an option at some
> stage in the future.

Raised as an *option*? More like chosen by management after some
champagne imbuing "Microsoft is wonderful" seminar.

> ... not that I'm particularly keen to use it (the number of security
> advisories directly relating to SQL Server in the last few weeks is
> quite frightening), but it'll have to be a consideration.

You're turning Microsoft's arguments on its head now. They accuse Linux
of having more security advisories than Microsoft products, and conclude
that Linux is less secure.

How about we rephrase that to "The number of SERIOUS security flaws..."?

> Still thinking about that. Perhaps, as was suggested to me by Dan
> Shearer, the backend can produce data in XML format to be rendered by
> whatever application we so choose, whether it be a Windows-native
> client, a web-based client, or something made out of toothpicks and
> creamcheese.

Or you could use ODBC or JDBC...


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