Modem Hangup

David Lloyd lloy0076 at
Mon Dec 2 22:57:22 CST 2002


> > usually when low traffic but I cannot find some way to configure
> > this. I don't know if it is being hung-up by my system or something
> > else is causing it to drop the line, any pointers greatly
> > appreciated.(56K V90 KTX modem on a serial port, standard stuff)

In addition to what Brian said:

1) check if there's a "drop this connection if idle" setting
 - if there is then it could account for it dropping out when you've
gone quiet
 - last time I looked it doesn't have a default but it might

2) check if call waiting is on
 - check the white pages; there's a way to turn it off temporarily and I
think it's *44restofnumber

Also, it could just be your ISP, but I suspect it's *not* :-)

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