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Mon Dec 2 22:47:03 CST 2002

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> Hi Guys,
> 	Maybe you can point me in the direction of some info on modems and how
> to set them up.
> I have a newly installed RedHat 8 system, amazingly it mostly works, the
> dial up bit it a bit fickle though, the modem hangs up randomly usually
> when low traffic but I cannot find some way to configure this.
> I don't know if it is being hung-up by my system or something else is
> causing it to drop the line, any pointers greatly appreciated.
> (56K V90 KTX modem on a serial port, standard stuff)
> Cheers
> 	Paul

Look at your modem manual about register settings. One or more of them concern
how long the modem waits for signals - extend this.  (Used to be S11 register, I
That procedure very often solves problems such as you describe.
You should be able to use minicom to talk to your modem and set the timings you
want into flash memory.


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