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Mon Dec 2 21:31:52 CST 2002

*Malcolm McGrath - Ardec - MIS wrote:

> I had a look at mpg123, but it
> appears as if i would need to write a script that checked to see if it
> were running and restart it if it were not to use it in this fasion,

Warning - untried ...


while :
    mpg123 "$@" || exit $?

Every time mpg123 exits successfully, it restarts.  If it exits with a
return code of other than zero, it exits the script with that return
code (presuming that mpg123 behaves like all good Unix programs and
returns a non-zero exit code if it strikes trouble).

Running mpg123 out of inittab will achieve a similar result.

> I would prefer not to do this if i can avoid it, as it seems to "hackish"
> and just increases the chance that documentation will be inaccurate or
> too difficult to follow for anyone who may come after me :).

Sorry, I don't understand this.  Documenting something "hackish" is
better than no documentation at all of the most elegant system.

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