The MS Revolving Door?

Ian Loxton ilox at
Mon Dec 2 19:27:26 CST 2002

>From The "Is this fishy or just good business?" Department:

Cheers,  Ian

 NY TIMES NEWS SERVICE A top European Commission official has
 left to join the Microsoft Corp, just weeks before he was
 due to give his opinion on the European antitrust lawsuit
 against the company.

 The commission said Friday it saw no potential conflicts of
 interest in the move. But rivals of Microsoft said the
 company has hired away an unsympathetic official at a
 crucial time in the Europeans' antitrust case against the

 The official, Detlef Eckert, is taking three years' unpaid
 leave from his senior post in the information society
 directorate within the European Commission to work for
 Microsoft. His duties at the commission included overseeing
 competition rulings, although he did not work in the
 antitrust division itself.


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