linux drivers for D-Link ADSL Modem (ethernet) DSL-300

Freeman, Peter (ERHS) Freeman.Peter at
Mon Dec 2 17:59:38 CST 2002

>I want the linux box to be the gateway and do all the things you 
>mentioned. Just started using Linux and don't know much about it. I'll 
>get there eventually.

Clarkconnect is another good option, particularly if you want to fiddle
under the hood.  I have it running my ADSL gateway at home.

It's based on Redhat 7.2, but apart from the administration interface (web)
its fairly stock standard, so you can tinker underneath as much as you want.

(I've used Smoothwall and IPCop, both of which are very good, but the
interface in Clarkconnect is a whole lot better IMO, and of course you can
alternatives if you prefer something else say for Squid analysis)

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