Console MP3 players.

Freeman, Peter (ERHS) Freeman.Peter at
Mon Dec 2 17:57:32 CST 2002

>Im looking for a console mp3 player that will continuously play an mp3 
>in a looped manner (for on hold music), I had a look at mpg123, but it 
>appears as if i would need to write a script that checked to see if it 
>were running and restart it if it were not to use it in this fasion, I 
>would prefer not to do this if i can avoid it, as it seems to "hackish" 

We play our on hold spiel using mpg123 on a 486, works fine, and sadly I 
haven't bothered to write a script to check if it's working or not, because
it hasn't failed in 2 years of running, apart from the odd power failure,
and it runs on startup anyway.....

If a "hack" works, who cares how it seems?  I very much doubt whether the
people on the other end of the phone will ;)

>and just increases the chance that documentation will be inaccurate or 
>too difficult to follow for anyone who may come after me :).

Sounds to me like you don't hold your documentation skills in very high
regard....just write them like your target audience is a windows
ok.....maybe you have a point ;)

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