[OT] Alternatives to Telstra for phone lines (rant)

Christopher Yeoh cyeoh at samba.org
Mon Dec 2 16:58:58 CST 2002

At 2002/12/2 15:30+1030  Andrew Hill writes:
> From the Telstra CSG: "You may be entitled to a CSG payment for every
> working day of delay beyond an agreed connection date." It's $12/day for
> residential, $20/day for business for a standard phone line install, up
> to 5 working days - then it goes up to $40/working day.
> They really do pay, too! I've managed to get a few hundred $ out of
> Telstra before for this situtation, where they don't show up on the
> agreed day. To maximise your benefit, you should ensure that you are
> unable to work from home again for a few weeks!

You even get a bit of money if they're just late for appointments. The
guy doing my home phone install was about an hour late and I rang to
confirm that they were still coming. To my surprise (as I didn't ask
for it) I ended up with a discount ($10-$20) on the next phone bill.

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