VNC lag

Kim Hawtin ryjkavik at
Mon Dec 2 16:35:04 CST 2002

 --- David Lloyd <dlloyd at> wrote: > 
> > Is it just me and my network, or can VNC be a bit sluggish at times?
> It can be both.
> TighVNC is reasonably fast, but citrix and/or windows terminal server
> are able to display more quickly...

I have had lag issues where;
- the color depth is different on the server and client,
  so you could reduce the colour depth
- if there is a hub between the two instead of a switch,
  you could try direct connection with a cross over cable
- windows file sharing chatting ,
  turn off file sharing on the two machines to reduce traffic
- routing issues,
  make sure that both hosts use the same gateway, and have
  the same info in the hosts file or DNS



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