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Mon Dec 2 15:49:22 CST 2002

I've been using TightVNC with good compression here and found it somewhat
laggy as well with a 10Mbit LAN between client and server.  My VNC servers
are Windows boxen, and running the task manager while connected shows the
CPU usage to be extremely high.  Task Manager shows that VNC is using all of
my CPU time, which  guess is due to compression.  None of my VNC servers
have terribly fast CPU's (Pentium 166MHz and 200MHz), so I figured that lack
of CPU grunt was the cause of the lag.

You might try turning down the compression levels if bandwidth isn't an
issue and see if that helps your lag.


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Perhaps its because I'm not on an entirely switched network here, but
I often feel as though VNC is a big laggy over the LAN. I'm using
TightVNC with good quality JPEG compression.

Is it just me and my network, or can VNC be a bit sluggish at times?

   - andrew

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