Garbage message headers

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at
Mon Dec 2 10:14:01 CST 2002

On Mon, 2002-12-02 at 05:09, James Leone wrote:
> When I opened the email in SuSE Linux it took longer for the message to 
> load than some RPM's I have installed. It also was doing a continuous 
> disk read uring the time the message loaded.  I am not a security guy, 
> but I was still wondering if I should be concerned about what the email 
> did while loading? With regards to security?

Perhaps. It could just be that it was a large e-mail, or that your
system was under load, or that there's some kind of hardware problem.
What were you using to check your mail? There's typically not a great
deal to worry about in regards to mail clients automatically doing
things to make your life easier (?), like you get with Outlook.


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