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Matthew Geddes mgeddes at
Mon Dec 2 10:07:09 CST 2002

On Sun, 2002-12-01 at 03:39, David Sambell wrote:
> Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me some clues for displaying a remote
> desktop.
> With something like exceed I can have remote access from a windows box
> to a Unix box. How can I do same from Linux to Linux?
> thanks.

As well as installing VNC (as many have suggested), this kind of
functionality is built into The X Window System. If you have a machine
with a display manager running (gdm, kdm or xdm) and it's configured to
listen on a UDP socket (usually port 177), you can start your X Server
(the part of X that's responsible for displaying stuff on the screen)
like so:

  X -query

Where is the machine that has the desktop you'd like to
display. The advantage of this over VNC is that it's multi-user.

I use another cool X trick at home. I am running a few different
versions of the following operating systems:

 SCO (unixware and openserver)

As well as a few Windows boxen. When each of the (headless) UNIX
machines boot, they start a display manager (the graphical login screeny
thingo), which is configured to allow XDCMP queries (the X -query
thing). I then have one of my machines accept indirect queries. This
allows me to run the following command:

  X -indirect

On a NetBSD-pmax installation on a 20MHz DECStation. X starts, queries
the machine, which broadcasts, looking to see which UNIX
machines are running display managers and then gives my DECStation a
list of machines to select from. I just click one and log in. Quite
handy and quite usable over a 10Mb network (even over my
Collision-Master 2000 hub).

Hope it helps,

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