linux drivers for D-Link ADSL Modem (ethernet) DSL-300

Stuart Lowes mrpid at
Sun Dec 1 20:52:49 CST 2002


No drivers, as such, are needed for this model, as it terminates as an 
ethernet port.  All you need is some PPPoE software (eg. rp-pppoe - running on the box which is 
connected to the modem by ethernet.

In recent distros I've seen (RH 8, Mandrake 9 etc), the pppoe can be 
configured through the distro's network configuration tool.



Gerard Roberts wrote:
> Can't find linux drivers for D-Link ADSL Modem (ethernet) DSL-300. Not 
> available at
> Have emailed D-Link and Everythinglinux (my supplier) but I thought 
> someone here might have an answer:-)

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