Tekram DC-390F SCSI controller - checksum error

David de Groot david at viking.org.au
Sun Dec 1 20:29:39 CST 2002

Has anyone had a DC-390F go west on them ?
Mine comes up with a "EEPROM Checksum error. Reset to deafults!"  (yes, 
with the spelling error) on boot, and because it's at the stage where 
the SCSI chain is being probed, before an OS loads and it just sits 
there after displaying the error, my PC is now dead in the water :(

It boots minus the scsi card, but alas, what I wanted to use the PC for 
was to boot Linux and burn a CD. :(

On the off chance someone here has had a similar problem, how'd you fix 
it ?
(I've emailed Tekram tech suppt, but don't expect an answer today, and 
probably not even tomorrow)...

~who's not having much luck with hardware lately...
David de Groot
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