remote xwindows

Adam Hawes ahawes at
Sun Dec 1 12:38:38 CST 2002


> With something like exceed I can have remote access from a windows box
> to a Unix box. How can I do same from Linux to Linux?
> thanks.

Do you want access to the whole desktop or just have the apps appear on 
your desktop?  Using 'ssh -X' into the remote machine will give you a 
terminal and forward all X apps started on the remote machine to your 
local console.  Very cool.

If you wanted the entire desktop you could try the nested X server and 
connect that to the remote machine, you could try starting a second 
local X server (not nested) and tell your XDM to go to the other machine 
for its login prompt.

Alternately you could try VNC.

Hope that helps.


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