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steve donaldson steve at
Sun Dec 1 00:55:38 CST 2002

Good point Michael, I cant remember if I installed CUPS in 7.3 or 8
only. I think I selected it for 8.
Agreed on the CUPS default, maybe later though ;-)

Steve D

On Sat, 2002-11-30 at 22:51, Michael Davies wrote:
> On Sat, 2002-11-30 at 22:42, steve at wrote:
> > Please note, Redhat 8 upgrade kills printing.  I have had this problem on two machines now. I posted last week 
> > that I had no difficulties upgrading from 7x to 8.  I have some now!
> Not excusing what happenned - any changes should be seemless, but it
> appears that LPRng is the default printing system in 8 and CUPS isn't
> installed by default.  I think a lot of people used CUPS with 7.3 and
> may get burnt on upgrade.  Also note that LPRng, despite being the
> default, is destined to be deprecated, so if you have a working CUPS, it
> may be in your interest to not go to LPRng, but remain with CUPS. 
> Should make things easier going to a later version...
> Hope this helps,
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